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About Rocky Road

We are a boutique company dedicated to auditioning and making available in the UK, the finest examples of guitar amplification, pedals and related products.

We have over 30 years experience dealing with tube (valve) saturation gain & tone. We seek out manufacturers who's products offer the best possible, build quality, component standard, and crucially, TONE. We specialise in finding and distributing, those versatile, dynamic, articulate-sounding tube and solid state amplifiers, FX and processing, that lend themselves to a wide variety of playing techniques.

Built entirely in New York City, FX Pedals, guitar & bass amps & cabinets from SansAmp/Tech 21 - the originators of Tube Amplifier Emulation.

Red Panda's tone freaks create digital algorithms that behave in natural, organic ways without being direct models of analog circuits. They push hardware to its limit, developing new signal processing techniques to help you explore sound.

We also offer a service facility for your amplifier, rack-mount device or pedal, whatever make, age, colour or creed. Our service department is staffed by engineers with a wealth of experience in valve and solid-state amplification to draw from. If your amplifier needs a tone tweak, full service, re-valve or speakers, we can take care of it economically and with minimum disruption. We use only military grade components, Sovtek & GrooveTube valves.

We have designed this website to be easily navigable and contain as much useful information as quickly available as possible. We hope you enjoy it. Have a look around and if you have any suggestions for improvements or general comments, please email them to